Vintage - Adrian Pearsall - Mirrored Palm Screens

Vintage - Adrian Pearsall - Mirrored Palm Screens

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Wasser's has a fine collection of vintage screens designed by my former friend and mentor Adrian Pearsall.
As our previous stores & showroom was in Scranton, Pa and Adriane's factory was in Kingston, Pa I had the opportunity
to visit the factory on a weekly basis in order to select & pick up furniture items.
His designs in the 60's and 70's were always hot sellers and today highly collectable .
During that period I got to know Adrian on a personal basis and exchange opinions on furniture manufacturing & design.
One of the great benefits was prior to the semi-annual furniture market in High Point, NC.
On many occasions year after year I would get a phone call from Adrian or VP Ray Kresgee telling me that their truck would be dropping off merchandise that afternoon for my review & critique.
What a thrill this was!
Of course the moment the truck arrived our magnificent front window displays would be removed and replaced with the new prototypes headed for the upcoming market.
Can you imagine Scranton, Pa being 1 year ahead of the furniture trends.
Monday & Thursdays evenings was always a rush. We would get an influx of young customers walking in our entrance and make a b-line directly into the window display.
From that every opinion would be absorbed and along with my personal observations of Comfort & Design phone calls would be going back & forth.
Besides the phone calls the furniture would go back & forth until it was accepted as perfect from both a wholesale and most importantly retail perspective.
Now what can I say.... those were fun-filled days that led to my ultimate love-affair with the furniture industry.