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Typical Missoni Home design elements combine to make the Phrae Cylinder Pouf an absolute show-stopper.

The sharp zig zags that adorn this pouf are done so uniquely that the result achieves something of a feathered effect, while the cool color palette exists nicely beside any decor.

Made from a unique cotton and polyester blend for versatility and durability, the Phrae Cylinder Pouf's style and texture makes it a fashion-forward offering that is unique and gorgeous!

Product Features: 57% cotton, 26% polyester, 17% acetate

Polyurethane fill

Removable cover

Delicate dry clean with perchloroethylene

Dimensions 16" Dia. X 12" H

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Regular Price: $885.00

Special Price $796.00

Home, one of Rosita’s biggest passions. Life choices and lifestyles lie behind the MissoniHome project, which over the years has changed and expanded from fabrics to furnishings. It’s like a building in constant evolution.
According to Rosita’s creative philosophy, “…the home is alive. It’s constantly evolving and never finished”. Her personal vision of the home atmosphere and furnishings has coloured the MissoniHome brand. Unusual, captivating fabrics; innovative, simple shapes for sophisticated settings; a feeling of artiness but with a light touch; important, seemingly simple elements that blend easily into existing environments, adding vibrancy and colour. Forms for separating and uniting, easy to move around including from indoors to outdoors or vice versa, enabling the magic atmosphere of the garden to be brought indoors.

“Furnishing my way means creating a habitat that’s ordered yet informal, versatile and welcoming. My home is always open to encounters or people just passing through, the family’s comings and goings, and for when friends and acquaintances unexpectedly drop in. It must evoke emotions and curiosity, it has to become an oasis of colours and moods, a snug shell full of appealing, unusual elements in out-of-the-mould arrangements…”